By bike on "champions' slopes"

By bike on "champions' slopes"

This is the very place for the cyclists: wonderful streets surrounded by green following the heroics of great champions of the past.

By bike on "champions' slopes"

Description of offer

The streets in the Langhe seem to be created for the cyclists: all ups and downs, difficult slopes and downhills surrounded by amazing landscapes in every season. This is why this zone is one of the favourite by bike lovers from all over the world who come there to celebrate, travelling by bike, the great bikers of the past. We will try to tempt you with the great cheeses and wines made in the Alta Langa, so you will not forget you are on holiday!

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Day by day

I find again in forenoon to Benevello and departure in direction of Albaretto Torre for then to reach Cissone. The run continues between lawns and fields in direction Bossolasco and Bonvicino up to Murazzano it covers of the Romantic Road of the Langhe and the Roero. Here a standstill is for a snack to measure of bicyclist to taste the famous Murazzano DOP near a small cheese firm mandatory.
Gone out of Murazzano the Valley Belbo and Camerana it is reached, last covers Romantic Road.
Supper and overnight stay near a shelter whether to taste the traditional dishes.

Reached the slope Fortunate Coppi you will climb up to the tallest country of the Langhe, Mombarcaro from which to enjoy of panoramas. Going down the countries of Niella Belbo they are overcome, Feisoglio, Cravanzana up to the slope Mark Pantani: among the woods of noccioleti, he reaches the country of Lequio Berria with his/her Collection of the Soft Crayon. Reached the country of Borgomale him he/she takes in direction Cortemilia where the road climbs him absorbed in the vineyards of the Muscat thin DOCG to end in the commune of Trezzo Tinella.
Reenter to Benevello.

Our offer includes:an overnight stay in a shelter

  • two tastings of local products
  • a dinner as planned
  • luggage transport and possible transfer
  • tour guide for the duration of the stay

Is available on request:

  • add days of stay in Langa and Roero
  • add affiliated meals
  • add tastings of local products
  • add hot air balloon flights

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